Would YOU respond to your prospecting email?

Would YOU respond to your prospecting emails?


We always take the path of least resistance. It is in our nature to do so. It allows us to save energy. To stay safe. 


But, this doesn’t go well with prospecting, especially cold.


Take a moment to think about the last cold email you sent.

Ask yourself...would you have responded?


If the answer is no! Then why do you think a prospect would?



What are some of the reasons you would not respond?



Send it to your iphone. Would it be enough to read without scrolling? 

Keep it short.

Less is more.


#2 You are not making it clear call to action

If you ask 3 questions. Then you will get zero answers. 

For example: If you ask them if they are looking to expand? Are theyavailable for a call? And if they are the right person? 


Then you might as well save your time (& theirs by the way) and never email them.


Make a CLEAR call to an ACTION. One. The easier it is for them to quickly respond the better.

#3 Your CTA makes them work too hard

Are you free for a call next week?

That sucks. 


They now have to do the work. Pull open their calendar. Switch back to email. Check and see when open. Send times back.

So guess what? They dont respond. Can you blame them? WOULD YOU?! NO!


#4 They never see your email...SPAM FILTERS

Don’t send a link in a cold email.
I am scared to click links in emails from people I KNOW! (you should be to, that is a primary phishing tactic).

So do not use links. Do not use images. Use PLAIN TEXT. 

#5 Is this even the appropriate person?

Make sure before you go for the ask. Is this the right person? 


BONUS - this is one of the best and easiest CALLS TO ACTION (even on the phone too!). 

“Can you point me to the person on your team who makes real estate decisions?”

This is a great way to get in front of the right person, and it’s a super easy call to action. All they have to do is give you a name or forward your email. 

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