Why Personalized Plain-Texts Emails Are More Effective Than Email Blasts

Email is the most underrated tool in CRE for getting leads. It’s widely used, efficient, convenient, organized, and professional. If you work in retail leasing, you’re probably familiar with the fact that email blasts in CRE are known to accumulate around a 0% reply rate. While it may seem efficient to reach a larger audience, they are often impersonal and spammy and not delivered in a meaningful and actionable way. Our solution? Send plain-text, personalized emails to get your reply rate up. 


Increased Reply Rate


Personalized, plain-text emails are more likely to be opened and read, as they are targeted and relevant to the business. For example, a mass e-mail blast about a retail center for lease might be checking the boxes for the target audience, but it won’t really be appealing to them on an individual level. Instead, try sending out individual e-mails to each business, mentioning the retail center and its location and highlighting the business/individual you are sending the e-mail.


Improved Credibility 


How often do you get mass emails in your inbox that you don’t even glance at? Professionals open hundreds of emails weekly. Usually, prospective customers are highly intuitive and can sense by formatting or even subject line if an email is personally meant for them or is meant for a mass group of people. Plain-text emails are more personal and authentic. Mention the name of the individual or business with an additional personal touch such as positive news you’ve heard about them or their business. 


Decreased Risk of Being Marked as Spam 


Spam filters are designed to block messages that may be harmful to a user. The easiest way to avoid spam filters is to send plain-text emails. True to their name, plain-text emails contain no special formatting, images, links, or attachments. While you’ll avoid suspicions from spam filters by limiting an email to only words, make sure you’re also not sending the same message fifty times. Always make sure to change up some parts of your email and messaging. Not only is this important for personalization, but if the content of every email is almost identically similar, the spam filters will pick up that you are spamming and will mark your domain reputation. 


The most important goal when sending an email should be to get a reply. Plain-text emails usually get 10x more replies than an average email blast. Plain-text emails help cut through the noise of the competition and build trust with your customers. If you’re interested in sending more effective emails, click below to see how Resquared can be your perfect platform to start. 

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