3 Email Templates and How They Performed




Through lots of testing from our data team, we’re sharing our findings on the below email templates and how they performed compared to each other. 


One key theme throughout our research is that more detail tends to equal less responses when it comes to email. It’s human nature to act on curiosity - so while the winning template may seem simple, give it a try! The goal is to get your foot in the door and let the prospect ask for more information. These 3 email templates each performed differently, and you’ll see the shortest one was the most successful!


FIRST PLACE: Template #1 Example 


Subject: Space Available for Martial Arts Studio

Message: Good morning, we have a space available for a martial arts studio to lease in our Boca Lyons Plaza in Boca Raton. Located close to an elementary school so it's a great space for after school classes. Are you interested in expanding or relocating your business?





SECOND PLACE: Template #2 Example 


Subject: Space available for Pilates/Yoga Studio in Davie, Florida

Message: Good morning, we have a space available for a Pilates/Yoga Studio to lease at the Plaza at Davie located with great visibility from I-595 and Hiatus Road in Davie, Florida. Our tenants include Winn Dixie, Lowes, Walgreens, F45 Fitness and many other national, regional, and local tenants. Are you currently looking to expand or relocate your business?



Barry Prospector


THIRD PLACE: Template #3 Example 


Subject: Space available for Apparel Tenant in Pineapple Commons Shopping Center

Message: Good Afternoon, we are seeking an apparel tenant to lease 3,275 sf in our Pineapple Commons Shopping Center in Jensen Beach, Florida. This space has great co-tenancy with Marshalls, Ross, Ulta, and Shoe Carnival. If you are interested in relocating or expanding your business, please contact me for additional information. If you would like to view this space I can schedule a tour with our leasing team.


Please call or email for additional information.

Barry Prospector



You'll notice the first email has the shortest subject line, and the least amount of detail, leading to the best open and response rate. The second email had a longer subject line and more detail, and the third email had the longest subject line and the most detail, leading to the lowest open and response rate. We also found that messages sent in the morning received better overall response rates. We recommend sticking to the first email template for the best opens and responses, but also try to have fun with it and test out different variations to see what works best for you.


Happy prospecting!

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