How to Boost Your Void Analysis with Demand Reports

Discover how Darren Moore from Trinity Commercial, a REsquad OG, used the innovative Demand Reports to streamline his void analysis process and make informed decisions for a commercial center.

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Darren Moore, an experienced professional from Trinity Commercial, recently shared his success story about using the new Demand Reports to enhance his void analysis. He discussed how he was unsure about the ideal tenant mix for the center he represented and sought inspiration from the Resquared Search Categories document. Fitness seemed like a good fit, but he needed more clarity.

That's when he decided to run a Demand Report on the property to gain insights into the most popular searches in that area.

To his surprise, the Demand Report revealed a significant increase in searches for one specific use—Yoga! Darren admitted that he might have never considered Yoga as a viable option without the valuable insights provided by the Demand Reports.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, unsure about the best use for a property, follow these three steps to harness the power of Demand Reports for your void analysis:

  1. Access your asset on the Resquared platform and run the Demand Reports.
  2. Review the data provided by the Demand Reports to identify trends and popular searches in the area.
  3. Use the insights from the Demand Reports to make data-driven decisions and fill the void with the most suitable tenant mix.

With the help of Demand Reports, you can unlock hidden opportunities, identify the best-suited tenants, and make well-informed decisions that maximize the potential of your commercial center. Don't miss out on valuable insights—try Demand Reports today!

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