Planning for Success: Emily's Day-To-Day as Operations Manager of Resquared

As the operations manager, Emily is the engine that keeps Resquared running. From measuring key company metrics to handling payroll and recruiting, there is nothing she is afraid of tackling and getting done. We spoke with Emily about what inspired her to join Resquared, how she conducts day-to-day operations, what advice she has for other operations professionals, and more! 


Joining Resquared 


Emily joined Resquared in August of 2022, transitioning away from her role as a business operations analyst at Charthop. “I love working on small, scaleable teams and I saw a real opportunity to grow as a leader at Resquared”.


Since joining Resquared, she’s had the opportunity to onboard 6 new team members and redesign the onboarding and performance management processes. “I love that I get to wear many hats and learn alongside our team of creative and driven people every day”. 


Emily also was intrigued by the sector that Resquared tackles. “I was inspired to join a company that’s revolutionizing the local business space - it’s not a space that’s seen a lot of innovation. I recognized immediately that Resquared is a game-changer for anyone wanting to connect with small businesses faster and easier, I’m excited to be a part of taking it to the next level!” 


Running A Startup: Day-To-Day at Resquared


Emily’s day-to-day functions are all about making sure she’s enabling every team member to do their best work. “I track key business metrics and KPIs to ensure the team always knows where we’re trying to go and how we plan on getting there.” 


Part of being an operations manager at a start-up also includes facilitating and engaging in other tasks that might have their own role or position at another larger company. “I also manage all HR responsibilities, including recruiting, hiring, payroll and benefits. It’s also very important that I run all our company all-hands meetings and cultural events, they help us bond as a remote team.” 


Advice For Other Operations Professionals


There’s nothing more important than making a connection as an operations professional. “My number one piece of advice is to network! Operations professionals at startups are usually a team of one – therefore it’s critical to lean on others in the space to exchange ideas and best practices. Being part of a YC startup, I’ve been lucky enough to be able to learn from other Operations leaders in the Y Combinator community.” 

Emily’s Favorite Team Building Activity 


As Emily mentioned, one of her favorite parts of working for a start-up is putting together creative ideas for getting the team closer together! “My favorite team-building activity at Resquared was a scavenger hunt where we asked folks to collect different items from their household – like a meaningful picture or something they always have on their desk. Whoever found their items the fastest got to share a story about each item they collected. It ended up being a pretty insightful show & tell where we all got to learn a little more about each other's lives outside of work.”

Implementing Unique Change 


One of the greatest opportunities anyone in operations can have is finding unique ways to implement change and improve a whole company. Emily’s already found a unique solution that has changed Resquared for the better. “Since starting at Resquared, I’ve implemented at Resquared is our quarterly goal-setting and tracking system. Each team member updates their goal metrics on a regular basis in a communal document, giving the whole company transparency into how the business is doing at any given time. Not only is this helpful for keeping tabs on key projects and business growth, but individual employees can see how they developed over time and set growth goals for the future.”


The Rewards Of Working At Resquared


Overall, Emily has been a key contributor to keeping Resquared up and running for all customers and all employees. And she’s gracious for the opportunities Resquared has given her to grow as a professional. “On top of being able to solve interesting problems and grow as a leader every day, I get to do it all with some of the smartest and friendliest people I know!” 


Emily is a valued and important member of the Resquared team. If you’re interested in learning how Resquared can enhance your prospecting process, book a demo below! 

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