A Day in the Life: Resquared Edition

What’s it like working at Resquared? We sat down with Maureen Chesus, one of our incredible Customer Success Managers, to get a sense of what a typical day on the Resquad looks like. And the short answer is - every day is different! This is good news for extroverted Maureen who enjoys the excitement of a fast-paced environment and a role designed for building strong connections with others.


We’ll discuss what tasks and events can come up in a typical day, but first, enjoy this lovely photo of Maureen on vacay in London!

Maureen Chesus

Every work day begins with Maureen leading a daily stand-up meeting with the Customer Success team. The meeting is framed with three questions: what did you accomplish yesterday, what will you accomplish today, any issues to discuss?


This is a really useful time to connect with peers and discuss any challenges or wins coming up with customers. 


After the stand-up meeting, client meetings commence! On any given day, she is on multiple training calls with new customers to help them learn how to use Resquared and kick ass with prospecting. 


She also has regular check-in meetings with current customers to follow-up after their onboarding to see if they need a refresh or any advice when it comes to Resquared or best practices in general.

She also makes walkthrough videos, and liaises with our stellar product team for new features from customer requests. 


Here’s an awesome example of a walkthrough video she recently did on how quick and easy it is to prospect with Resquared. She was able to search, make a list, and create a template in 4 minutes, and then sent emails for 3 minutes. See for yourself here!

Screen Shot 2022-02-23 at 5.11.37 PM


Watching these features go live and seeing how happy it makes our customers is one of the most fulfilling aspects of her job. Just check out this post about our new lists feature - it was so great to see the customer love!


Speaking of customer love - giving back is literally built into her job and she loves sending thoughtful gifts once a customer onboards, or randomly to surprise and delight them when a life event like a new baby happens or even just because! Kindness makes the world go round.


And in between these tasks, she helps manage interdepartmental CS coordination and posts cute photos of her cat in our Slack channel (who doesn’t love a good cat pic?!). 


It’s been incredible to watch the Resquared team literally triple in size in under a year and it feels so good to be on a supportive team with great people like Maureen. If you are considering joining the Resquad - check out our open positions here!

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