Case Study: How Sterling Organization Signed a Deal From an Onboarding Lead With Resquared

“After no leads for two years, we got a deal from prospecting during our onboarding call with Resquared”


The headline speaks for itself! We recently spoke with Sterling Organization’s Adriana Mangual, who is a Leasing Associate and a new Resquared customer who ended up getting a deal from an email sent through Resquared’s platform on her onboarding call! This is actually not such a rare event, and Adriana’s story is one of many we’ve heard from our customers. Read on to learn more about how the deal happened:


The Problem


Adriana had been tasked with filling space in the Shops of Kendall center in Miami, Florida. The center is currently going through renovation work like painting and new landscaping, to revive it and make it look more attractive. The center is anchored by a 23,000 square foot grocery store and as of late 2021 it had 11 vacancies.

Shops of Kendall

Adriana had the goal to fill one of the open spaces with a fitness use as the center is filled with dessert and restaurant businesses and hasn’t had a fitness focused business in years. The issue was that she had spent a significant amount of time over the last few years trying to find a local fitness business that would be perfect for the smaller dimensions of the space and she had not had any luck yet.


The Solution


After years of the fitness space vacancy, Adriana’s team at the Sterling Organization signed on with Resquared’s local business prospecting platform to ramp up their prospecting efforts.


At the close of 2021, Adriana had her onboarding call with Resquared’s Ryan Mortensen where she was able to explain the trouble she was having with finding the right business owner for the space. Ryan promised Adriana on the call, “we’re going to get you fitness, don’t worry!” and proceeded to show Adriana how to use Resquared with fitness focused businesses in Miami as the first example.


Adriana shared how they worked together to refine the search terms for fitness-focused businesses:

“With this space specifically, I saw terms like karate weren’t working, and I slowly took out search terms until I got to fitness, interval training gym, and trainers, which is good because that means they are smaller, which fit the space. For example, CrossFit would need a bigger space which wasn’t right for this space. I like to play with the search terms to find the right business. Resquared shows you what the category for use is, which helps a lot.” 

With the search also set to only include businesses in a 20-mile radius who are non-chain and have both email and FB messenger contact information available, they ended up with 128 results and 40 solid leads from the list.


Together, they spent a few minutes personalizing a Resquared message template to reach out to the 40 different leads via email.


Adriana followed-up a second time with another email and ended up with 3 business owners who were interested in signing on with the center.


She ultimately signed a deal with RZone Fitness, a women’s fitness center that was looking to expand to their fifth location.


r zone


The tenant was really interested right away because of Adriana’s personalized email with the business name, and she mentioned to her that she was surprised she did research on her and the business, instead of just a generic email blast.


With a business owner eager to expand, they quickly executed a deal and are looking forward to the grand opening!


Hear directly from Adriana about how this deal happened!



The Future of Prospecting & Canvassing


In our conversation with Adriana she also mentioned some of the other benefits of the Resquared platform. Here are a few of our favorite soundbites from Adriana:

  •   “One of the best parts about Resquared is the simplicity, it’s black and white to know if someone is a lead or not and they take care of the data for you.”
  •   “Resquared saves you time and energy versus canvassing in-person.”
  •   “I really like the RE2 score, which lets you know which businesses are more popular.”
  •   “My bosses love Resquared, and they especially appreciate having a bird’s eye view into what we’re doing with it internally, making it easy for me to send them what I’m doing or the searches that I’ve made - so they love it as much as I love it. It’s a win-win for everybody.” 


We cannot be happier to have solved Adriana’s problem and helped her fill a space! She closed by saying “with Resquared, I am confident we will be able to fill the rest of the center!”.


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