How You Can Get More Local Business Leads With Resquared



What if I told you only 10-15 minutes of your day could set you up for local business leads to start rolling in?  That’s all the time you need in Resquared to make a list of potential leads, create a high-quality email, and hit send!

I was prospecting for a client using my Resquared account, focusing on mini golf places in the Stamford, Ct area. In a matter of minutes, I created my list, wrote a personalized email template, and sent out some emails, twenty-six to be exact. Within the hour, I received a phone call from the owner of Pier 25, who has been in the mini golf business for twenty years! 

The owner told me he had been looking around for places and wanted to hear about the property (YAY!), With one lead in under an hour already in, I knew my client would be thrilled! A few minutes later, I noticed several more leads pop up in my inbox! Three mini golf businesses said they were interested in hearing more about the shopping center - that’s four leads after only spending a few minutes prospecting.

A few days later, I sent follow-up messages through Facebook to businesses I hadn’t heard back from. After this, I got a reply from another mini golf business interested in the center. 

Don’t forget how vital any reply from a business is.Some business owners thanked me for thinking of them, but said they were not relocating or expanding at the moment. A response is as important as getting a lead as these businesses may think of you in the future if they ever want to expand. It’s also a solid opportunity to form a relationship with a local business regardless of the situation.

Actively prospecting through Resquared only takes fifteen minutes a day. These fifteen minutes can connect you not only to future clients today but also to clients six months+ from now.

Helping our customers find the right leads for them is something my team does every day! Curious to see who we can help connect you with? Sign-up for a demo below!

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