Focus on making a friend - not an ROI


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In the last year and a half working at Resquared, I’ve had clients made many new friends. In the “Business World,” folks usually call them clients, prospects, decision-makers, and investors. The goal is to sell to them, to keep them from leaving, or to get them to pay you more money (even when they really shouldn’t). You might have to hit a quota or make a manager happy. That life approach is extremely stressful. Do you find yourself making hundreds of calls for the chance to get one prospect interested in listening to you? Maybe you’ve had to drop everything to get a deal across before month end or risk discipline from your boss?


What if I told you there was a better way? A more rewarding path. Because there is…


Focus on making a friend - not an ROI.  


That’s it. Truly. You can stop reading now (if you’re still reading thanks - this is my first post).  


For those still here let’s play out two scenarios:


  1. The prospect receives the following cold email early on a Thursday…


SUBJECT: New Opportunity for Lease - Phoenix


Dear Business Owner, come move into Heritage Mall. 2,500 square feet available for lease.  New signage, free parking, 90% full, lots of foot traffic, great rents. Call me.  


  1. The prospect receives the following cold email early on a Thursday…


            SUBJECT: Cookie space available


Jan, I was reading about Fluffy Cookies and thought you would be a great fit for some shopping center locations we own in Phoenix. Are you interested in moving or expanding? I can send more information if you’d like. Best, Ryan


Doesn’t sound like much of a difference, does it? The first option is all business. The second option is all human. These interactions add up.  Email + phone + meetings + many more. The more you care about where the other person is coming from, what their story is, what their goals are, and how you can help them - the more success you BOTH will have.  


But Ryan, what if the business that responds in this example email can’t afford the rent? Or what if they can’t fill the square footage I’m looking to lease?  What if they aren’t even interested?  


Fair questions but they don’t matter - not at this point. At this point we aim to serve. One human to another. Who is to say that this business owner doesn’t have friends who are also business owners? Maybe in three months you’ll get a new listing that’s a perfect fit with your new, future friend.Maybe they didn’t even know they needed help until you reached out as just a person looking to assist. I see these stories playing out ALL THE TIME.  


Why does this even matter? My boss doesn’t care if I make friends if I don’t make my quota. I need my salary/commission/cash/dollars/bills. Do not be fooled. Saving thirty seconds now will not save you time in the long run.  It will not make you more money then or in the here and now. More and more friends of mine are sharing their success stories. Can you guess which folks have the most wins to share with me? The ones who treat people with the respect and dignity they deserve. What goes around comes around. Take the approach where you truly care about whom you are working with. Because even if you don’t fill your center or make a deal with them this time, at least you might have made a friend.  


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