Building Strong Customer Relationships: Kelly's Day-To-Day As Head of Customer Success At Resquared

Kelly is the epitome of customer success. With a passion for helping clients reach their full potential, Kelly is a key player in ensuring that Resquared users are consistently met with an optimal user experience. In this blog, we will delve into Kelly's journey, why she decided to join Resquared, how she measures success and advice for other CS professionals working in start-ups.  


Joining Resquared 


Kelly joined Resquared in March of 2022 as a customer success manager. “I initially joined Resquared as a customer success manager, and was really excited by the opportunity to join a company so early on in its growth period."


Since joining Resquared, she's now the head of customer success and has enjoyed the responsibility that has come with it. “The chance to build processes and help craft a customer journey in the beginning stages of the company really motivated me, as well as the fact that I knew this was a product that truly worked and I could stand behind”.


Onboarding New Clients At Resquared


An important part of Kelly's role at Resquared is onboarding new clients. She takes pride in her personalized client approach. “We don’t just rely on articles and how-to guides to get our customers into the product. Instead, we not only hold onboarding and wins calls with personalized goal planning, but we make sure our clients are using the product alongside us, and are prospecting from the start of their onboarding experience.” 


She also takes immense pride in being able to assist in delivering leads right out of the gate! Nothing feels better when we see a client get a lead while we’re on our first call with them!"


Measuring Success As A Team 


There are multiple different ways and metrics that can be defined when measuring how a customer is enjoying a product, as described by Kelly. Some basic metrics we consider are how many clients we retain and how actively they are using the product. On a deeper level, we really take a look at what value we are providing the client." 


Kelly also believes in measuring success by asking specific questions about a client's experience. "What did they initially sign up for? Is their initial problem being solved? What wins have they seen through Resquared, and what feedback do they provide that continues to help us develop the product to fit their needs? Our team’s passion and true success come from our client’s success in using Resquared and seeing it become their favorite prospecting tool."


Resolving Customer Challenges  


Nothing is ever perfect, and a large part of working in CS is assisting to resolve challenges a client may encounter when using Resquared. Kelly always makes sure to approach all challenges with a plan. "We have some best practices we encourage customers to follow in order to find success best, but sometimes we know it can be uncomfortable for a client to change things up if they’re used to a particular style of prospecting. Often what helps clients in this situation is giving them that success by example - we’ll prospect on their behalf following our best practices, and then show them the real-time responses and leads they receive. This helps them see not only that our recommended guidelines actually do work, but that we are just as invested in their personal success as they are."


Advice For Other CS Professionals Working in Start-ups 


Customer Success is a unique experience that is different at every company. That rings especially true at start-ups. As the head of customer success at Resquared, Kelly only has sound advice for other CS professionals. " Startups can be challenging to work in. Staying organized, advocating for your clients, and having the ability to rapidly adapt are all keys to working in CS in a startup environment. Sometimes it can feel like no processes are clearly defined, or they’re constantly changing - but that can be a good thing! That means there's an opportunity to build customer experiences, journeys, and teams from the ground up, and be a part of something truly special. Keeping that perspective and being a collaborator amongst all parts of the organization will set you on the right path for success within the startup world."


The Rewards Of Working At Resquared


Overall, Kelly has helped develop key processes for the customer success team at Resquared and has helped optimize Resquared users' experiences. But for her, her co-workers have made all the difference in enjoying work. I’ve had the chance to work amongst some of the most passionate people in customer success that I’ve ever worked with before. Combining that with an incredible product that I have seen proven results in and the opportunity to build relationships with our clients who LOVE Resquared has been so rewarding. We call ourselves customer-obsessed, and we really mean it here."


Kelly is a valued and important member of the Resquared team. If you’re interested in learning how Resquared can enhance your prospecting process, book a demo below! 

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