Creating a Personal Connection: 5 Tips for Customizing Your Outreach Efforts

We’ve heard from tons of our users that prospects responded to their outreach emails because they “felt personal”. Personalized emails not only increase open and click-through rates but also foster stronger relationships with your potential clients. The 5 tips outlined here will help you take your prospecting skills to the next level. 


#1: Include the Specific Use Case In The Subject Line 


For example, “Former Coffee Shop Available” works instantly for prospective coffee shop users. The tenant will know the space is already set up for their specific use. Including a specific business use case in the subject line of an email will immediately capture the prospect's attention and interest.


#2: Include the Business Owner’s Name In Your Greeting 


Check the email address you’re sending to, if there’s a name in it, use it! Research has shown our brains release happy chemicals, serotonin, and dopamine when we hear our names. So if you’re able to find the business owner’s name, use it to build rapport with them. 


#3: Add the Business Name 


Including a business's name in the email will make it feel more personal and less generic, which will help increase the email's engagement and effectiveness. When a user takes the time to reference the business by name, it shows that you value their company and that the message was crafted with them specifically in mind. If you’re already using Resquared, utilize our templates to save time in adding that touch to your email. 


#4: Mention Specifics About Their Business 


“The grilled chicken sandwich was absolutely delicious and the service was top-notch.” 

“I absolutely love the unique and trendy selection of shirts you sell!” 

Mentioning specifics will definitely make a local business owner feel special that you took the extra time to research (or visit!) their business.


#5: Include Why Your Property, Location, Services, Etc. Is A Good Fit For Their Business


Following along the lines of personalization, don’t approach selling with a one-size-fits-all approach. Include why you are specifically a good fit for their business by expanding upon what you provide and how it can directly benefit them. For example, if you’re working in CRE and looking to lease a property, including specific things about the property that would help their use case. If you’re a marketing company, include specific services you provide such as website marketing or SEO optimization that aren’t already included on their website. 


Personalizing emails can be a powerful tool for increasing engagement and conversion rates. Using the strategies and tips included above will make all the difference in truly connecting with a local business owner and getting a deal done. Book a demo below if you would like to learn more about Resquared and how we can help personalize your outreach efforts. 

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