Resquared Revamped: New Features to Make Your Prospecting Faster Than Ever


We’ve listened to the feedback from clients and are so excited to share five new exciting product updates to Resquared that are sure to make your prospecting experience faster and more efficient.


#1 The Communication Center is now open




Any issues tracking responses from businesses in Resquared are solved with the new communication center! This new feature allows you to look at everyone you reached out to, follow-up with an email or Facebook message, and even sort by lists so you can have a laser focus on your outreach. 


#2 Sending Emails is 3x faster


With our improved emailing feature, reaching out to prospects is 3x faster! Our updated platform has virtually no delay as it automatically jumps from business to business when you are working through your list of leads. 


#3 Delayed Sending to Avoid Spam


On the back end, Resquared delays the send between emails by 30 seconds so that your emails are less likely to end up in spam!


#4 Waste no time scheduling meetings with the meeting scheduler tool


meeting scheduler


Sync up your calendar with Resquared and reap the benefits of hands-off meeting scheduling! In the platform you simply click the meeting scheduler in the top navigation bar, copy and paste the link, and send it to your prospects. 


#5 Simplified interface




This one is for funsies, but you’ll notice a simplified toolbar when you login to Resquared. The new bar displays icons as opposed to text. Enjoy the fruits of our UI team!


Any questions about the new features or are there any other features you’d like to see in Resquared? Reach out to your customer success contact and let us know today. 


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