Introducing Smart Lists: The Future of Prospecting on Resquared

Hundreds of thousands of businesses are contacted through the Resquared platform every year. This gives us the largest dataset in the world on local business marketing. This data has been analyzed by our Machine Learning team to create powerful "Artificial Intelligence" features, including Smart Lists.

The first step when prospecting is to identify whom to reach out to. Resquared can now do this for you. Businesses in Smart Lists are more likely to open your inquiry, read your inquiry, and most importantly, respond.

In today's fast-paced business environment, saving time while prospecting is important. Smart Lists are a powerful new tool that allows Resquared users to quickly and easily discover businesses that will respond to inquiries. This means that instead of manually sorting through hundreds of businesses, users can now automatically click the "Smart List" button to compile a list of businesses!

Why Smart Lists? 

We know you're wondering - how 'smart' are these Smart Lists? Why should I use these? We've got the data:

Corporate Presentation (3)

Corporate Presentation (4)

Corporate Presentation (5)

This means that Smart Lists are 10 times more likely to generate a positive lead than standard email marketing, and twice as likely as a typical Resquared prospect.  

The data shows, Smart Lists are the future of prospecting on Resquared. If you'd like to learn more about Smart Lists and learn how to prospect smarter, click the button below! 

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