6 Reasons Why Your Emails Aren’t Getting Responses

More responses = more deals. We know how frustrating it can be when you spend hours crafting emails to prospects only to be met with silence. We’ve assembled a simple checklist that can help anyone from leasing agents to brokers who are struggling to get responses to their prospecting emails. Check out the tips below and let us know if there are any others you find useful!


1. You’re using a shady looking email address
Does your email address look something like this - hotstuff@yahoo.com? If so, mystery solved. People will immediately discount your email as spam and it's likely their spam filter is automatically doing that anyway. We advise against using any variants of emails with @hotmail.com or other generic email clients as they do not have the integrity of a company email.

2. You’re attaching files to your email
If the prospect writes back to you asking for a flyer – then definitely do that! But don’t do it on your first email to them. Not only can flyers trigger spam filters but they also can discourage prospects from responding to you and asking for more information.

If you do get a response looking for a flyer though, this blog has some excellent tips on turning that response into a phone call or viewing where you can actually start to get to know the business owner a little better.

3. You’re not optimizing your subject line
Does your go-to subject line look something like this – RETAIL SPACE AVAILABLE TODAY!? If so, you’re in luck because this is such an easy thing to change! Business owners receive emails with this subject line all the time, and when you send an email with this line it is likely that it gets caught up in the noise of their inbox and never gets opened. On top of that, it is very vague, so there’s a chance your email may end up in the spam folder.

We always recommend for our clients to personalize the subject line for the niche of the business – and make it sound appealing! Here’s a great example from one of our clients below:


Open Rate Blog Client Email Example


4. You’re using links in your email
Spam filters are trained to block messages that may be harmful. The easiest way to avoid spam filters is to send plain-text emails. These are emails that contain no special formatting, no images, no links, and no attachments. Think about how you would email a friend or family member - casual and conversational!

We recommend not even including a link to your website in your signature as the html of that link can sometimes trigger a spam filter.

This may feel weird at first if you’re used to sending along photos with your emails but give it a try and see if it works! There is always time to send flyers or get on the phone later, but you’ll never get there if the message gets sent to spam!

5. Your email is too long
When it comes to prospecting, the data shows the shorter the better when it comes to email length. In fact, you should aim for the first message to feel almost like a text message. Again, think about how you would message a friend. We know this may feel strange at first, but we promise you’ll see results if you give it a try! Here’s a great example of a template that has worked well for Resquared clients.

Subject line: Space available

Message: I'm working with a beautiful shopping center in town. We have a space available. Do you have any plans to relocate or expand? I was reading about [business_name] and thought you might be a good fit. Let me know and I can send you a flyer or set up a tour.

6. You’re not personalizing your message
Who are you reaching out to and why would this space be a good fit for them? Personalizing your email with small details like this can grab the prospects attention and get you the response you're looking for. And at all costs, avoid sending a message starting off with something as generic as “Hi Prospect…”

Hopefully this blog inspired you to rethink your prospecting strategy! Reach out anytime to learn how Resquared can help innovate your prospecting process from the ground up!


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