Introducing RE2.0: The Next Generation of Selling to Small Businesses


Resquared 1.0 to 2.0

Resquared launched in 2020 with the largest database on local businesses. The platform includes all the tools necessary to execute Resquared's prospecting playbooks with the highest quality way to reach local businesses.

Now, we are kicking off our largest update to the platform ever – leveraging millions of data points on local business prospecting and three years of research & development. 

Today, we’re excited to launch Re2.0. 

Re2.0 will consist of a series of major new features, datasets, and tools that will be released starting today and continuing through January. Major new releases include an AI Email Assistant, Demand Reports, and Smart Lists.

Keep reading for a brief overview of these major developments. If you want to learn more, schedule some time with our sales team. 


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AI Email Assistant - Live Today for all Resquared Clients

In studying our product usage, we’ve learned that writing emails is the most time-consuming part of prospecting and can have the largest variable payoff. Now, we’re removing the guesswork. With our AI Email Assistant, you’ll get a grade and dynamic suggestions as you write your message. Think of it as Grammarly for prospecting emails!


The tool is built with our extensive knowledge base and data on the most effective ways to connect with local businesses through email. Instead of spending hours of time trying to understand the nuances of excellent messaging, have our email grading tool do it for you. 


Demand Reports - Coming January 2023

Understanding consumer demand is the most important knowledge for local businesses. That makes it the most valuable way for salespeople to connect with owners.

This is typically done using foot traffic to estimate the number of potential small business customers in a neighborhood. Whether it’s achieved with manual traffic counts, vehicle counts, or cell phone data, there are challenges with accurate sampling. Not to mention, traffic volume does not equal buying intent. 

Our data science team has spent the last two years developing better ways to measure demand. We can now report local business search engine demand volume for any United States and Canadian neighborhood. This information will be presented to users through our Demand Reports feature, making it easier to take action on data and include it in outreach to local businesses. 

This is inspired by “intent data” in marketing, which shows interest in a product based on web traffic. Though the traditional method for measuring intent is not applicable to local consumer demand, it remains the gold standard for sales intel, as explained by Marketsplash.

Not only does this data demonstrate intent, but it boasts a much stronger sample size than any estimation of foot traffic. As reported by the NY Times, cell phone-based foot traffic data currently monitors around 15 million consumers in the US. That’s ~4% of the US population. The search engine data used in Demand Reports represents 96% of all Google users (about 71% of the US population) – as reported by Tech Jury.  

We’re excited to release the first version of this new dataset to clients.


Smart Lists - Coming January, 2023

Millions of local businesses have been prospected through Resquared. We have been training machine learning models to learn how our users can better identify high-quality prospects for their products. Soon, creating a list of the highest-quality leads will be as easy as a couple of clicks. 

With Smart Lists, users can expect an open, response, and lead rate increase on average compared to user-created lists. These lists are entirely unique to each user.


Ads Platform by Resquared - Coming Soon (TBD) 

We’ve talked to hundreds of real estate professionals, marketing agencies, and other B2B operators who have all faced the same challenge: it’s incredibly difficult to run B2B ads that target local businesses. LinkedIn is too expensive and has very few local business operators. Industry-specific advertising sites, such as Loopnet, don’t allow you to “pay per lead” and don’t require that leads actually operate businesses. 

Resquared’s new Ads Platform is powered by our database of over 10 million local businesses in the US. This gives us unparalleled targeting ability for any segment of local business a marketer may want to reach. 

As part of the 2.0 launch, Facebook Ads Powered By Resquared enables users to advertise to millions of active local businesses using Resquared’s database - 100% free of charge

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Additional Optimizations 

On top of all our amazing new features that are packaged into Re2.0, we also have made updates to optimize as requested by our user base! These changes include: 

  • Cleaner contact information on all local businesses - Live Now
  • “Send all” option with personalized context for business information - Live Now
  • Smoother delivery from our email tool - Live Now
  • More Template Optimization - Live Now


Why Re2.0?

We’re on a mission to make selling to local businesses high-quality. With Re2.0’s improved demand analytics, AI-assisted email editing and lead lists, and ads powered by exclusive Resquared local business data, we’ll help you condense hours of prospecting into minutes and maximize leads. 

Re2.0 proves why we are the best platform for selling to local businesses. Whether you are a CRE firm, a marketing agency, an insurance company, or a B2B operator, we are dedicated to being your one-stop solution. 

Get on and start prospecting now! 


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