More than 80% Of Holiday Shoppers Surveyed Say They Would like to See Retailers Do This.


Happy Holidays! ‘Tis the season for shopping, year-end reports, new year’s resolutions, and family fun. It’s also time to (hopefully) slow down a bit and get a chance to do all of the things you never have time for.


Yesterday, the Resquared team had their virtual holiday party which included a Secret Santa gift exchange between the now 30+ members of the rapidly growing team. We all got to know each other a little bit better, which can sometimes be challenging with time zones, screens, and oceans between us. This is one of the things we want to ensure we prioritize as we continue to grow (hello New Year’s Resolution!!).


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During the holiday party, the team exchanged some friendly banter about the quirks and trials of the holidays which got us thinking how most people share similar sentiments about the holidays no matter where they are in the country.


And when we came across these fun holiday-themed Q&As about the retail space we wanted to share them here. Break out the hot cocoa and enjoy these festive holiday survey results and be sure to let us know if any of them were surprising! Some of them may be helpful for some of your tenants.


Q: 43% of people recently surveyed said THIS makes them more loyal to their favorite restaurants.

A: Curbside Pick-up


Q: 40% of parents surveyed admit to saying THIS often during the holiday season.

A: “Santa is watching”


Q: 48% of shoppers surveyed said they plan to do this when buying this holiday season.

A: Buy less expensive brands over preferred brands.


Q: 79% of people surveyed said they are not a fan of THIS holiday activity.

A: Secret Santa (Clearly the RE2 team did NOT vote in this survey!)


Q: More than 80% of holiday shoppers surveyed say they would like to see retailers do THIS.

A: Extend return windows


Q: 89% of people surveyed said they find THIS holiday activity stressful.

A: Preparing holiday meals


Q: 45% of people surveyed plan to increase THIS over the holiday season.

A: Tips they give to service providers




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