The Resquared ICSC Survival Guide


Are you heading to the retail real estate industry’s headliner event?! ICSC can be an overwhelming experience given its vast size and jam packed agendas so whether this is your first or tenth time attending, we have some tips our team has shared to help make the most of your experience!

#1 - Order a humidifier for your room - your throat and lips will thank you!


#2 - Chapstick is a must. 


#3 - Stay hydrated! The dry heat can come on quickly in Las Vegas! And consider stocking up on water outside your hotel to save money.


#4 - Wear comfortable shoes! If this is your first time, just know everyone was not joking when they said the tradeshow floor is MASSIVE. In fact, the event is the world's largest retail real estate convention with more than 37,000 attendees representing 58 countries.


#5 - Adding to the above - consider how large the tradeshow floor is when you are creating your meeting schedule. No one wants to be the person sprinting to their next meeting. Pad your meetings with enough time to comfortably get from place to place.


#6 - Schedule in some time to just explore! There is so much to discover and food to sample. We’ve even heard rumors of free Auntie Anne’s pretzels. 


#7 - Take every opportunity to introduce yourself. Meet people in line for coffee. Or in the elevator. At the blackjack table. Introduce yourself. You will be surprised by the magic of these impromptu conversations. 


#8 - Take people's headshots from LinkedIn and keep them in a word document. Being able to recognize someone's face is going to be a potential advantage, especially if you know you want to meet with someone. 


#9 - Brag about the notes you have on each business card, instead of the amount. Quality > Quantity - always!


#10 - Share your experience on social media! It’s such a great way to connect with the people you meet and allow for even more connections online after you leave the tradeshow floor. 


BONUS - take some cash out BEFORE you go to Vegas and avoid those ATM fees.


We hope this guide helps you as you plan out your ICSC experience! The Resquared team will be on the ground and we would love to see you at our Booth (#3371J) — stop by and say hi! 


Happy deal making!


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