How to Use Social Media in CRE?

You’ve likely heard that social media is a great marketing tool for commercial real estate professionals, but you may not have learned why. 


Simply put, social media is your daily digital networking event, helping you:


  • Broaden your network
  • Create brand awareness, and
  • Procure leads

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  1. Broaden Your Network

People do business with those they know, like, and trust. Networking has long been the number one way to become that known, liked, and trusted person, and social media is a way professionals network and interact consistently. But being there isn’t enough. You also have to engage.  

  1. Create Brand Awareness

Brand awareness opens the door to brand trust and top-of-mind relevance. The ultimate goal is to be your client’s first call, and potential clients are far more likely to call upon a familiar brand. 


  1. Procure Leads

Let’s be honest: you want leads. And social media is one of the most effective ways to get them. And what better place to reach business owners than where they digitally network, engage their audience, and find support?

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It’s estimated that the average person receives around 130 emails per day, while open rates hover around 24%. That’s a far cry from the 70% open rates on Facebook Messenger.



Social media prospecting is where Resquared becomes an invaluable tool. Resquared allows you to quickly conduct hyper-targeted searches and reach out to businesses via email and social media messenger functions. An hour of targeted social media messaging will allow you to contact a week's worth of in-person networking and canvassing contacts. You can even track your outreach efforts (more on that in a different post 😉). 


Ready to make prospecting your social media superpower? Sign up for a demo of Resquared here.

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