The Future of Office Spaces & How to Find New Tenants with RE2

The office. It’s become a hot button issue for many over the course of the last two years with the rise of work-from-home culture and hybrid work environments.


We think it’s time to move past the “remote vs. office” debate because realistically, the future of work is both. Findings from a November 2021 survey, the majority of knowledge workers have adopted a hybrid work arrangement, spending some time in the office and some time remote.


Despite office real estate being a rollercoaster throughout the pandemic, one thing remains certain: the need for office space is not going anywhere, especially for businesses like Law Firms and Insurance Agencies. This year, we will likely see more stability return to office leasing. 


What Features Are Hot with Tenants




Easy Outdoor Access: Fresh air has never smelled better. Spaces with private terraces, rooftops, outdoor courtyards, and proximity to parks will be competitive in 2022.




High, Exposed, and Double Height Ceilings: Open floor plans encourage innovation and collaboration, and not to mention they allow for more fresh air flow.




Premium Building Amenities: Think out of the box with new age perks like fitness centers, bike rooms, and food halls.

Even if your spaces don’t have these amenities, try and think outside the box. Are there awesome public transportation options in the area? Odds are there are more pluses than you would think!

How to Use Resquared to Help Source Office Space Tenants

Many people think that Resquared is just for finding retail tenants, but our platform can absolutely be used to search for office-focused businesses.

PRO TIP: When you set up a search in Resquared, use search terms like "insurance" “accountants” or "lawyer," etc. to locate businesses that would be a good fit for open office spaces. Check out our comprehensive list of search categories, and see the search in action below!


Screen Shot 2022-02-02 at 4.23.52 PM


No matter your perspective on the return to work debate - we hope this gave you some perspective into using Resquared for sourcing office space tenants! If you want help setting up a search for new local business tenants in your area, reach out for a demo today!


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