The Resquared Advantage: Helping New Tenant Reps Land Quality Leads

As a tenant rep, your success largely depends on your ability to secure quality leads that can translate into closed deals. However, finding these leads can be a time-consuming and daunting task, especially for those new to the industry.


Bernadine Saintval is a tenant rep at Florida Retail Brokerage. Having just recently started on this new career path, she needed resources to help her generate leads. With the help of Resquared, she was able to create a targeted list, reach out to local businesses in her target areas and generate a lead that turned into an in-person meeting. Read more to find out how exactly she utilized Resquared’s playbook to get the win! 


The Target 


As a tenant rep, Bernadine specifically wanted to target Mexican restaurants in Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade counties. 


After segmenting the list to only include companies that have emails, we used templated messaging commonly used for Tenant Reps and personalized them for each individual outreach. 


The Template


For the template used for the outreach, we went with the “Real Estate - Expand to new markets” template. It hit on the key points of growing and expanding into different markets, both of which would appeal to a tenant. 


After establishing the template, we applied some of the personalizing messaging that appeals to local restaurant owners - more of those tips can be found on our recent blog. From there the emails were sent and it was time to gauge the response. 


The Follow-Up and Lead 


After waiting and gauging responses, multiple restaurants had opened our outreach email multiple times - but had still not replied to let us know if they were interested or not interested. Because they were showing us cold interest by opening up the e-mail multiple times, it was time to capitalize with a follow-up. 


For companies that had opened up the e-mail more than 4+ times, we followed up with a two-sentence e-mail, keeping it simple and to the point. “Hi, just wanted to follow up to see if there was any interest here. Thank you!” 


After following up, we immediately got a response from a Miami Taco spot that let us know they were interested! And that is how simple it is on Resquared to get a quality lead on Resquared. If you’re interested to learn more about how Resquared can simplify your prospecting, book a demo below to get started.

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