"Follow up. Follow up. Follow up": The follow up cadence that works!



When you realize this - it makes cold calls and sales a bit easier…


As a person in sales or leasing, you are likely interrupting people all day long. In your mind all you think about is your product or service. 


BUT, in their mind you are a blip on radar. You are a fleeting thought. Not because they “dont like you” or because they are “mean”. BUT, because your product or service is just a component of their work life, which is just a component of their lives in general. 


With that in mind, getting to a place where you aren’t being hung up on can help the process not feel so personal. With putting yourself in their shoes, remember that virtually anything could be happening in their life that would prevent them from being present. Maybe they just lost a big customer, or they are stressing about hitting budget, or even something could be going on with a loved one.


Soooo what can you do about it? Two things.


  1. Start with your mindset so you don't take it personally. You trick yourself into playing the POSITIVE scenario out as what happened. For example - get hung up on - I'm sure they are dealing with some SHIT I’m glad I am not - I will try them again another time! 
  2. You don't just reach out once. You pick out more mediums than just one. You think of ways to GIVE before taking. 


The more times you reach out with value first and within a reasonable cadence the more likely you will “catch em at a good time”. 


Here’s what we recommend. Once you have a targeted list for your outreach, try out this follow-up process:


  1. Email twice
  2. Then Facebook, if possible
  3. At first have the follow-up spaced out by a few days, then email follow-up should be at least weekly if not 2x per week - Monday PM and Thursday AM is a nice spread depending on situation
  4. Weekly Facebook FUP, is possible
  5. Wait several days then try the phone as well - if you don’t hear back after 4 FUPs over 2 weeks, it’s definitely time to escalate to a call on same schedule (can be different days or times of day but same spread) which should be followed up with an email noting the call and the text
  6. Also text when you call or alternate with text
  7. Then a day, if you don’t hear back after 4 of those switch to daily call, text, email at various times including after hours for a week or so
  8. Then rest and let it sit for a month and check back in monthly 3x all methods
  9. Then check abc in quarterly 4x all methods
  10. If that does not work, check back in 1x per year


It may seem like a lot, but in order to get in front of a business owner at the right time frequency works! You want to be the first person they think of when they want to expand their business. 


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