The Challenges and Rewards of Changing Careers: Courtney's Journey to Resquared

Transitioning from one career to another can be daunting, but it can also be an exciting opportunity to explore new horizons and challenge yourself in new ways. Courtney was originally a specialty leasing associate and assistant property manager at RPT Realty before she became the sales team manager at Resquared. We spoke with her about her motivation to change careers, the challenges she faced during the transition, and how rewarding her time has been at Resquared. 


From CRE to SaaS 


Prior to Resquared, Courtney worked at RPT Realty, a real estate investment trust company that owns and operates a national portfolio of open-air shopping centers. While working as a specialty leasing associate, she utilized Resquared to help her fill vacant spots in her properties. 


Using Resqaured firsthand was ultimately the biggest selling point. “I was a user of the platform and saw how it allowed me to do my job infinitely better. Resquared was just a good opportunity, getting offered a chance to share it with other leasing reps was a no-brainer. Learning how to do traditional sales also was an exciting opportunity, I knew it would help me learn how to prospect and follow up.” 

Challenges While Transitioning Between Careers 


Usually, transitioning between two different industries can be challenging, including starting from scratch and learning completely new skills. “I moved into an entirely different industry and that is inherently challenging. The only tangible advantage I had was knowing the product and how it helped me, which would only truly get me so far.” 


While leasing commercial property involved a variety of skills that are useful in sales, it didn’t involve all the moving parts that make up a “traditional” sales experience. “Learning the art of sales definitely took some adjustments and patience, it took a minute for it to really click.”


Advice For Professionals Starting Off In Sales 


With experience under her belt at Resquared as an account executive and sales team manager, we asked Courtney what advice she would have for professionals that are beginning a new career in sales. 


“Prioritize filling up your pipeline with diversified prospecting, learn what you’re trying to discover (don’t just memorize discovery questions), place yourself in the seat of an advisor instead of a salesperson, and know their buying process! If I had done these things at the beginning, I would have killed my goals right off the bat.” 


How Working In CRE Has Helped Her In SaaS Sales


There are multiple different ways that a career in commercial real estate can translate into an easier time working in sales. These include strong communication skills, comfort with negotiation, the ability to build relationships, and an understanding of market trends. 


For Courtney, learning how to cultivate and maintain relationships has been the most accessible skill. “Short-term, it helped me be credible and relatable to understand the CRE vertical. Long-term, CRE is an incredibly relational industry. So I've taken what I've learned about cultivating relationships and applied it to what is inherently a much shorter sales cycle and is often thought of as transactional.” 


The Rewards Of Working At Resquared 


When it comes to working at Resquared, Courtney has reaped plenty of rewards and benefits from her experience. “I’ve gained confidence, friendships, and new skill sets. I’ve failed a lot and was given the space to learn and grow. I’m currently learning to become a leader worth following. I’ve learned tenacity, resilience, and the power of cold calling. I could go on and on, I'm thankful to be a part of this company and to have entered at a time when I get to help shape it.” 


Courtney is a valued and important member of the Resquared team. If you’re interested in learning how Resquared can enhance your prospecting process, book a demo below!  

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