Unlocking Growth With Resquared: Talking with Faith Hershey, Marketing Manager at Regency Centers

Resquared values connection and speaking directly with our clients is how we gauge our client's experience using our tools and features. Faith Hershey is the Marketing Manager at Regency Centers in Jacksonville, Florida. 


She is responsible for spearheading and implementing marketing to support leasing efforts for 420+ properties totaling 57 million square feet nationwide. She also acts as the liaison between Regency Centers and Resquared. 


We recently spoke with her about her experience in marketing, how she’s implemented Resquared at Regency, and her favorite local business in Jacksonville! 


Faith’s Marketing Story 


Faith originally studied marketing at the University of North Florida, where she did an internship with enrollment services that eventually led to her first job. She then transitioned to web design before ultimately landing as an assistant marketing manager at Regency Centers. “I’ve been here for about six years now and the commercial real estate industry is unique in the sense of what you’re doing as a marketer.”


She finds joy in working daily with dealmakers to see deals come to fruition. “I get exposure to a lot of different stuff happening, it’s very enjoyable. It’s cool to work on something that ends up being a shop in one of our shopping centers and just like all the pieces that go together that get a deal done.” 


Getting Started on Resquared


Resquared was brought to Faith by another CRE professional as a new tool that could assist with prospecting. “Around two years ago we did a demo and tested the product and felt there was something there, so we signed up for a trial. Since then, we’ve been able to get deals done and we’ve been able to grow it”. And now almost every single leasing agent at Regency Centers uses Resquared for their prospecting! 


Resquared vs. The “Google Search” 


Many current users describe prospecting before and after Resquared as completely different. When asked how she would describe Resquared, Faith mentioned that it was like “searching on Google for a business but all the contact information is right there”.


Before Resquared, leasing agents at Regency were doing the traditional canvassing and Google searches for information. Now, they are set up for more success with Resquared as a prospecting tool. “We are set up a little bit differently than our competitors, all of our leasing agents are local to the markets they are working on. So with Resquared, it also helps to see how a business is doing and how shoppers like the business.” 


The Main Benefit of Resquared 


For Faith, being an early adopter and user of Resquared, the main benefit she sees to using Resquared is saving time. “If you were trying to do the same thing as on a Google search, you’re going to be cross-comparing a lot for the correct information. For instance, if you’re looking for like information about a Chinese restaurant, you’re going to be searching on google and then spending time on their website. You’re going to be looking not just for contact information, but also if it’s the right place and the right person to call. And then you’re going to be going to the contact on the website to try and find the business owner. With Resquared, you are saving time.”


Advice to Professionals New To Prospecting 


We were curious to ask Faith what advice she would give to a new leasing agent, having used Resquared and worked in CRE for over six years. “I would say the more specific you can get, the more successful you’ll be. If you know exactly what you’re looking for, you can message and target local business owners for their specific use. Refine your search and make it more targeted.” 


She also advocates for routine and making a habit of prospecting daily. “I think sometimes people get discouraged when they don’t get a lot of replies on day one. A lot of times, these mom-and-pop stores might not be checking their email every day. It’s totally normal and you have to follow up.” 


Her Favorite Local Picks 


Faith is currently in Jacksonville, Florida, and loves the local scene. For her favorite local business, she named “Bark on Park”, an upscale dog boutique in Jacksonville. “I love them and they’re like my go-to spot whenever I need to get something for my dog or a friend’s dog. My dog was invited to another dog’s birthday party so I recently went to get them a gift!” 


Resquared has been a total and complete benefit to Faith and Regency Centers and we love that we can assist their leasing agents in getting deals done. They've been able to save more time prospecting, make data-driven decisions, and ultimately close more deals. If you're interested in learning more about how you can implement Resquared into your business, click the link below to request a demo! 

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