DLC Management Corporation Announces Strategic Partnership with Retail Leasing Startup Resquared

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DLC Management Corporation today announced an agreement with Resquared to equip the firm’s professionals with the latest technology for sourcing local and nontraditional tenants for its landlord clients.

Elmsford, NY (November 3, 2021) — DLC Management Corporation, one of the nation’s preeminent private retail real estate companies, today announced an agreement with Resquared, a Y Combinator-backed startup focused on commercial real estate lead generation, to enhance the firm’s ability to source local and nontraditional tenants for their landlord clients.

“We believe that any problem can be solved with the right team and technology. Resquared has helped us solve for outdated prospecting techniques by providing an automated, nimble solution for local and nontraditional tenant prospecting,” said Chris Ressa, COO at DLC Management Corporation “Innovation is one of our core values, and we are thrilled to be onboarding Resquared’s latest technology. We look forward to the positive impact it will have on our team.”


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By leveraging data, analytics, and communication networks like Facebook Messenger and Email, Resquared’s platform enables leasing professionals to run outreach campaigns to local business tenants in any U.S. market in significantly less time than traditional prospecting methods.

“At Resquared, we view our agreement with DLC as the start of a long-term partnership, and we are looking forward to working together to revolutionize technology in the retail real estate industry.” said Griffin Morris, Co-Founder of Resquared. “The future of the retail real estate industry is one that will require an even more personalized approach with current and prospective tenants, and we are proud to have created a platform that helps facilitate these important relationships.”

Keeping up with the latest technology is important in any industry, but especially in retail real estate which has been heavily impacted by the global pandemic. “Within the first few weeks, my team has seen a great impact in not only workflow but in the ability to reach businesses we may never have been able to connect with otherwise – and Resquared’s platform required little to no learning curve,” said Chris Ressa at DLC Management Corporation.

About Resquared

In March of 2020, Resquared launched the first marketing platform specifically designed to reach local businesses. The software has built-in data on every local business and includes training and workflows that have been proven to effectively get in touch with business owners through social media and personalized email outreach. Case studies available on www.re2.ai demonstrate how Resquared can save, on average, 3+ hours per day of prospecting while generating 10x more leads.

About DLC Management Corporation

DLC Management Corporation is one of the nation’s preeminent private retail real estate companies, with expertise in acquisitions, new developments, redevelopments, leasing, and management. Headquartered in New York, DLC has regional offices in Atlanta, Buffalo, Chicago, Dallas and Washington, DC. For additional information about DLC Management Corporation and its portfolio, please visit www.dlcmgmt.com.


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