How To Win More Listings as a Landlord Rep By Utilizing Resquared

As a landlord rep, your success can largely depend on your ability to secure quality leads on an ongoing basis. Although you may have a great relationship with the landlord you’re representing, you may have trouble finding the right businesses to fill the space. 

Camden Chadd is an associate broker at Veritas Realty that’s currently doing landlord rep work. He's searching to fill a 2nd generation hair salon space in a bustling trade area in Indianapolis. Using the Resquared demand report function and outreach tools, we tested just how easy it was to get quality leads. 


Using Demand Reports and Targeting 

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With access to the demand reports function, I was able to see what exactly was in high demand in the trade area. While food, such as pizza and Mexican restaurants was in high demand, they didn’t necessarily apply or cater to the space that needs to be leased. While nail salons were also high up on the list in terms of demand, the landlord cannot do nail salons. 

Since the space is catering to hair salons, I decided to scroll down to see the statistics on hair. While the number of searches and percentages were low (24 searches, 0.2% Local Search Percentage, 0.1% National Average), the number of local businesses in the area that identified as hair salons and beauty were at the pretty high number (224 local hair salons). That gave me enough information to begin prospecting and forming my list. 


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Hair Salon and Beauty Outreach 

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After determining which hair salons were the business type I was going to prospect, I generated a list of hair salons that were in a large radius and had operating business emails. 

After segmenting my list and organizing it, it was time to start doing the prospecting and sending out emails using Resquared’s templates and email tools. 


The Template 

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For the template used for the outreach, we went with the “Real Estate - Space Available” template. It hit on the key points of having a beautiful space and also being in a popular trade area, both of which would appeal to a hair salon that was looking to grow. 


The Results 

After only one day of prospecting with knowledge of the demand in the area, a list of reputable businesses, and a personalized template, it was no surprise that we got a number of quality leads. With a decent 47% open rate, we were able to obtain five leads, all of whom responded as “Interested!” 

It’s just that simple to get quality leads on Resquared as a landlord rep. Imagine how many leads you could get over just the course of one week! The possibilities are endless. If you’re interested to learn more about how Resquared can simplify your prospecting, book a demo below to get started.

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