Less Bounces, Better Opens: Amanda Holcombe of Colliers on using Resquared

Resquared values connection and speaking directly with our clients is how we gauge our client's experience using our tools and features. Amanda Holcombe is a Client Services Coordinator at Colliers in Jacksonville, Florida. 


She is responsible for handling transactions, doing general research for a team of brokers, and prospecting new clients. Her work is directly client-based and varies from day to day. 


We recently spoke with her about her experience in marketing, how she’s implemented Resquared at Colliers, and her favorite local business in Jacksonville! 

Amanda’s Client Services Story 


Amanda originally studied marketing at the University of North Florida, where she earned a bachelor's in marketing and an MBA in Economics and Geography. From there she was offered an internship at Collier's that eventually transitioned into her current role as Client Services Coordinator at Colliers. 


“I don’t know how it is at other Commercial Real Estate firms, but at Colliers, I do all sorts of things. I handle transactions, I do a lot of prospecting and research for the team. I’m not just stuck doing one thing every day, it’s nice, I can learn something new every day.” 

Before Resquared, During Resquared 


Before using Resquared, a lot of Collier’s brokers that Amanda worked with solely focused on physical canvassing. “The team will go out and drive around and find businesses to send to me to do the research on.” 


From there, she would usually look for business info on ZoomInfo or LinkedIn. “I’d go on LinkedIn or ZoomInfo and try to pull e-mail addresses and phone numbers from there.” 


“As we started to use Resquared, I found that we were finding local businesses that we didn’t even know were around in the area. So we still use Resquared a lot to source more businesses that we didn’t know were active and could be a good fit.” 


Combatting Bounce With Resquared 


A common complaint from our clients that weren’t using Resquared is finding too many e-mails that aren’t active. Amanda had the same exact issue when prospecting before using Resquared. “I don’t know where everyone gets their emails. We’ve had a lot that just bounces right back from Zoominfo, emails that aren't active anymore.” 


“When I’ve talked with our brokers here about using Resquared, they always let me know that they get so many more responses and they are not as worried about getting that bounce back.” 

Getting Responses, No Ghosting 


Another thing Amanda pointed out in our conversation was how much of a higher reply rate her brokers were receiving on Resquared if it wasn’t the reply they wanted. “It’s nice to know with Resquared too that we’re getting responses. Even if the response on the outreach is that they’re not interested, at least we know that there is a person actually receiving the email and it’s not ending up nowhere.” 


Amanda’s Tips For First-Time Prospectors 


As a veteran of prospecting, we asked Amanda what her tips or advice would be to someone doing digital prospecting for the first time. “My advice would be to take it one platform at a time. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve prospected and had 20 tabs open on my browser because I’m switching back and forth between Instagram, Facebook, ZoomInfo, and Google. It’s just a hassle, it makes it much easier to just go by industry, something that Resquared helps me immensely with.” 


Amanda’s Favorite Local Business 


Amanda is from a small town in Florida named Hillard, only ten minutes away from the Florida/Georgia border. Being from a small town, she had an awesome answer for her favorite local business, a dive bar with a tree growing in it! 

King’s Bar & Treehouse Lounge is a small-town dive bar, family owned and operated since 1976. She also would recommend for any locals in Jacksonville check out Firebirds in St. John’s Town Center.


Resquared has been a total and complete benefit to Amanda and Colliers and we love that we can assist their leasing agents in getting deals done. They've been able to save more time prospecting, make data-driven decisions, and ultimately close more deals. If you're interested in learning more about how you can implement Resquared into your business, click the link below to request a demo! 

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