A Millennial's Take on Resquared


Victoria Barnes, an Account Executive at Resquared, decided to put herself in our clients shoes by experiencing in-person canvassing. Read about her experience below!


When I first started at Resquared, I dove into the deep end of learning about the Commercial Real Estate Industry. One of the first pieces of advice I received was, “Get on the ground and see what brokers and leasing teams deal with on a day to day basis when canvassing.” 


So I took the advice and put myself in the brokers shoes and I went out and tried canvassing in person to local businesses. And the main feedback I received was... BUZZ OFF and that the owners were unavailable, or that they simply were not interested. I was able to hit about 10 shops in the day before I felt tired, discouraged, and that this was a really inefficient way to reach business owners. There must be a better way to maximize time and get in contact with the right businesses. 


Which leads me to trying out the Resquared platform with the goal of cultivating small business tenant leads. I spent about 15-20 minutes over a 3 day period getting acclimated to the platform and finding my target audiences, creating lists, and reaching out. In total, I was able to send out 165 targeted emails with over 15 replies requesting more information on my available spaces.


I also had 60 different businesses open my email more than 3 times, which means I'm definitely going to follow up with a Facebook message and a phone call because it's a clear indicator they’re intrigued with what I have to offer. 


I couldn’t imagine another way to try and connect with small businesses after seeing the success within our platform. The time that I saved knowing who was a warm lead before spending precious time canvassing in the field was worth it in and of itself. 


Let me know if you have any questions on how we can help you turn 8+ hours of canvassing into 30 minutes, you’ll never look at canvassing the same.

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