Navigating the CRE Market with Resquared: Day 1 as a Tenant Rep

If you’re a tenant rep looking for new local clients, Resquared can be your most powerful and accessible outreach tool. 


To test just how easy and effective it is to use Resquared for your tenant rep outreach, I’ll be using Resquared this week through the perspective of a Tenant rep.


Over the course of the week, I’ll be experiencing everything in how a tenant rep user would experience Resquared. From creating targeted lists, sending out e-mails, personalizing my messaging, and understanding how to follow up, I’m excited to gain a new perspective! 


Starting Out - Creating Targeted Lists 


From the minute I open Resquared, I’m met with a screen that encourages me to “Select Location” or “Select a List”. Since I'm starting with a blank slate, ideally I need to pick a location on where to get started. 


Since I’m prospecting from the perspective of a tenant rep, I have decided that I’m going to be targeting restaurants in Miami-Dade County. Because Miami-Dade County is so broad, I chose Downtown Miami as the location or starting point for my search. 



Defining Business Type 


Now that I have my location squared away, I need to define the business type that I am interested in. As I mentioned previously, I’m mainly looking for restaurants that would potentially be interested in tenant representation. I enter “Restaurant” into the search bar and dwindle down my results to get more specific in my outreach. 



“Email Only” Businesses 


While Resquared offers multiple points of contact data, for this specific instance I am going to seek out only local businesses that have emails available. For this reason, I filter out the businesses that fall under my specified categories but don’t have email addresses. 



Finalizing The Targeted List 

From there, I saved the first 250 results and finalized my targeted list. After taking the steps of defining my location, my business type, and what contact method I wanted to prioritize, I had my first targeted list ready to do tenant rep outreach. And it only took close to FIVE MINUTES. For my next step, I prepared to personalize my outreach. More on that and my week prospecting as a tenant rep coming soon! 

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