How Resquared Helps New Leasing Reps Land Deals - A Conversation with Aidan McNaughton at Regency Centers

Are you new to real estate or just beginning your career as a leasing representative and are having difficulty prospecting? Aidan McNaughton is a leasing representative at Regency Centers who has been utilizing the platform since he started his career in Real Estate. We recently talked with him about his big win and what he loves about Resquared so far!  


Early Adoption


Aidan has been a big fan of the platform ever since he began his career at Regency. As he told us, “I’m a big fan of the platform. I use it every day, I think it’s the best way to compile a list of all the businesses in a local area with accurate contact information”. 


Aidan’s CRE Story 


Aidan is a recently started CRE professional. He graduated from the University of Miami (Go Canes!) only about six months ago with a Real Estate degree. His family has been in the industry for a while: “It’s something I’ve wanted to do ever since I was a little kid”. The main inspiration for him was his family, the people, and it allowed him a chance to be on the road more often. 


Start on Resquared 


As part of his onboarding process at Regency, Aidan was introduced to the Resquared platform. While working with a fellow senior leasing agent, he was handed the reins to a Resquared account to begin prospecting. He quickly started gaining new leads for their vacant properties. “What separates Resquared is being able to compile lists and send out emails simultaneously and frequently.” 


The Deal

In just 6 months of using Resquared, Aidan landed a deal at a Regency-owned shopping center, Shoppes of Oakbrook, in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. The specific use case was for a restaurant and they were able to land a tenant called Berry Fresh Cafe! It’s their fourth location that is now opening. After the initial contact through Resquared, Aidan said everything “fell into place.” 


Digital Prospecting vs Canvassing 


An interesting part of Aidan’s perspective is being so new and fresh in the commercial real estate industry. While a large amount of our client base was only able to canvas or use Yellow-pages before the internet boom, Aidan is beginning his career utilizing digital tools in addition to in-person canvassing. From his perspective, the most significant difference between canvassing and online prospecting with a tool like Resquared is the time that can be saved. “I can only be in so many places at once so using a tool like Resquared obviously makes it easier to reach a larger amount of businesses in a shorter amount of time.”


Aidan’s Favorite Local Business 


We always love staying connected on what our users’ favorite local businesses/restaurants are! For Aidan’s top pick, he recommends Doc B’s on Miracle Mile in Miami. 


Resquared is proud to be a home base for users like Aidan that are just getting started in their careers and looking to get big wins and get leads that turn into deals fast. If you’re interested, book a demo with us to see how we can upgrade your prospecting to the next level!

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