"There hasn't been a tool that has married data and email quite as simply": Client Conversation w/ John Bendever, Jr. of Local Marketing Pros

Resquared is invested in being a one-stop solution for commercial real estate companies and marketing agencies looking to invest in their prospecting process. Our content marketing associate, Alex, got the chance to speak with one of our marketing clients about his experience getting started with Resquared, the pain points he experiences as a digital marketing agency, and how Resquared has made his prospecting process easier...


Client Conversation W/ John Bendever, Jr. of Local Marketing Pros 


Alex: What excited you about starting a career in Marketing? 


John: It’s been a process for my growing team and me. I’ve been in the business a long time, we’re coming up on our twelfth year. I think we finally have confidence in our niche and our offer dialed in. Now it’s just time to get more eyeballs on our company and continue to develop relationships with potential clients and discover whom we want to work with. 


Alex: What initially sparked your interest in learning more about Resquared? 


John: Zak’s (Zak Rempel - Account Executive for Marketing at Resquared) sales e-mails! 


Alex: What about Zak’s Emails stood out to you? 


John: He reached out to offer a Demo for Resquared, I did it and it was awesome! Initially, it didn’t work within my budget to get started. Later, he came back with a statistic that really stood out to me. “Get 20% more leads by using Resquared”... From there I was hooked and we got started on a one-market deal! It’s just so easy to use, I've used similar tools but none are as easy to use as Resquared. The biggest challenge now has been getting the messaging right and figuring out a good follow-up system for prospects. 


Alex: We actually recently launched Resquared 2.0, and it will have personalization assistance! We have an A.I. E-mail assistant tool that will help you improve your personalization in messaging! 


John: Great! I need to use that! 


Alex: You mentioned that you used other products/tools before, which did you use? 


John: Hubspot, Uplead, Leadfuse, Leads Gorilla. A lot of them were great in presentation but didn’t effectively work how I needed them to. Before, you always needed a different service for data research and email.  With Resquared, there hasn’t been a tool that has married e-mail and data quite as simply. 


Alex: How would you describe Resquared as a platform simply for someone that has never heard of it? 


John: A platform that has small business data for research and built-in contacts to utilize that data. It allows you to reach out to a small business quickly and efficiently, with one login right inside one platform. That’s it! 


Alex: Final question John, what’s your favorite local business that you’d like to shout out? 


John: Palace Pizza! It’s an old-style pizzeria in Lakeland, Florida. You can get it by the slice or a whole pie, it’s the best! But my single favorite thing in the community is an incubator called Catapult. It was founded by the founders of Publix and is an awesome co-working space for start-up companies! They give away hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to start-ups, for a really low monthly fee, start-ups, and local businesses can go there to get their start! 


Alex: John, thank you so much for your time today! 


John: Thank you! 


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