Resquared + Facebook = 6 Leads...this weekend alone!

Here at Resquared, our goal is to not only have the best data on small businesses, but also the best tools to reach them efficiently and track your progress.

I had some free time this weekend and decided to help a client generate interest for their shopping center. Check out how I did it! 

Watch this (~5 min) video to see how I used Resquared and Facebook to generate 6 leads this weekend alone! 



Follow these steps to get the same results as me :

Step 1 - Pick your center. 

Step 2 - Search your ideal use and add any exclusives.  

In this example it is a former Pizza Hut in N Potomac MD.

Step 3 - Make your facebook template, do NOT forget to customize!! An easy way to customize is to save a space at the end of your template to add the business's name. 

Step 4 - Click on each potential prospect in Resquared and click the "facebook messenger" shortcut.

Step 5 - Copy your template and customize before sending. 

Step 6 - Resquared auto tracks your outreach :) 

Step 7 - Check your messenger for responses (or have notifications turned on using the messenger app).

Step 8 - Send them additional info and provide your phone number. Follow up ASAP when they message you back. 

Step 9 - Show them the space, over come their objections. 




- Contacted over 40 Businesses in less than 1 hour.

- Got 6 leads already since Saturday morning. 

- Took the time to customize each message for better response rate and to avoid FB's spam algorithm.


Bonus: Reach out to Pizza 🍕 tenants because they are on fire 🔥 from the pandemic! 


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