Resquared's Data Featured in Shopping Centers Today

An article from September 2020 in the most prominent retail real estate news publication, Shopping Centers Today, featured trends based on Resquared's retail leasing platform. 

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The article references the following research analyzed during the summer of 2020.


Selected excerpts from the article:

Restaurants, hair and beauty, medical offices and health and wellness were among the tenants most in demand by leasing teams and landlords in July and August, according to research pulled by Griffin Morris, CEO of Resquared. Leasing teams and REITs use the company’s software to identify and reach out to local businesses as tenant prospects, and Morris aggregated data to come up with the categories that were most popular in searches.


The biggest takeaway from the data Morris pulled over the past four months, he says, is that  COVID has not changed trajectories. “Trends that were happening pre-COVID — a movement to health and wellness, for instance — are still happening. People are potentially more health conscious in 2020. It’s not much of a hedge to say that medical offices are going to be a relatively stable tenant moving forward.”

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