Two Resquared Wins for Regency Centers

We recently spent some time chatting with Regency Center’s Faith Hershey, Marketing Manager - Dealmaking, about two deals her team sourced through Resquared, and how they’ve been able to up their prospecting game. Having dedicated the majority of the last decade to her career in commercial real estate, her advice is some of the best! Check out some great examples of her recent successes:


Deal Number 1: A Karate Studio in Georgia


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Faith’s team was able to sign a deal on a space for a karate studio in Georgia from a prospecting email sent through the Resquared platform several months prior. On the deal’s success, Faith commented:


“Even if we hear back from a business owner and they are not ready to do a deal right now, it’s still good market knowledge. One of the Resquared deals we signed was with someone we initially emailed and they still had a few months left on their lease so they weren’t looking. A few months later when their lease was ending, they ended up calling us because they had saved the initial email. The leasing agent left her phone number in the email and wrote, ‘if it’s easier give me a call at this number.’ So when the tenant was ready, they had her number saved and figured they would start there since she reached out, so that was really exciting.”


Top Piece of Advice: ‘Maybe later’ or ‘not at this time’ is not a no! Always leave your contact information in your outreach emails and don’t underestimate following up every few months.


PRO-TIP: Use the reminder feature in Resquared to set specific business reminders for the future e.g. “Follow up when Karate Kid Studio’s lease ends in 6 months”


Deal Number 2: A Beauty Concept in Texas


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Faith’s team was able to secure a deal for a second-generation space in record time with Resquared:


“In Resquared, we did a really targeted search to find a business owner that would be a good fit for a built out space for a beauty concept. The space worked well with what they were looking for so the deal happened really quickly.”


Top Piece of Advice: Resquared is ideal for finding tenants for second-generation spaces with our targeted search categories and personalized email templates.


After Faith shared her team’s successes, we asked her a few questions to give advice to other leasing agent’s who may be considering trying Resquared:


What does your team find most valuable about Resquared?


  • Saves Time. “Our dealmaker's time is our most valuable asset, and Resquared was appealing to us because it seemed like a great tool to save time on the prospecting side. The tool is intuitive and makes it easy to search, find businesses, filter them out, and give you the contact information right there. Without Resquared it would be impossible to reach that many people in the same amount of time.” 


  • Effective. “We’ve looked at a couple other databases, but we’ve had the most success with Resquared and it’s given us the best results.”


  • Quality Data: “We’ve found Resquared to be the sweet spot for mom and pop shops. Our dealmakers know how to get in touch with national chains, but it can be hard to find the right contact for local business owners [without Resquared].” 


What unique challenges has Resquared helped your team solve?


  • Medtail Canvassing. “We’ve seen a lot of success canvassing for the medical space, which can be hard to canvas because it’s difficult to talk to the decision maker. When you call you usually get the front desk, or when you walk in they are in appointments. So being able to email them right through the platform has been a big one for us.”


  • Increasing Efficiency. “Resquared makes it easy to reach 200 businesses in 30 minutes. Prospecting is one of those things that everyone feels like they should do more of, so it’s getting the most efficient use of your time. You can spend 15 minutes in Resquared and reach way more people than if you were to do it the old-fashioned way. Resquared has provided a way for our team to do more outreach than they would if they only did door-to-door canvassing.”


Thank you to Faith and Regency Centers for sharing these deal stories with us! Have you signed a deal sourced through Resquared? Let us know!


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