One Deal Covers the Expense of Resquared for the Next Year and a Half: Lamar Companies

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Our team was grateful to have the opportunity to chat with Daniel Tartakovsky, a Leasing Manager at Lamar Companies, about how instrumental Resquared has been for his team. Daniel is a numbers guy, so for him Resquared’s prospecting platform came down to simple math: one deal per quarter more than covers the cost of the platform. If you’re considering making an investment into our prospecting platform, hear from Dan about his experience so far:


What challenges has Resquared helped you overcome?


“It is always very challenging to try to get more mom and pop shops into the mix. They are generally harder to meet and harder to contact than larger REITs. With mom and pops it's a lot more door-to-door canvassing, walking into their world unannounced, which most of the time doesn’t go over that well, you get a response of, “I’ve been here for 25 years I have no intention of leaving - get out.”


Resquared helps you open the door to a conversation without blind-siding business owners by walking into their business and saying this is who I am and I want to move you. The value of Resquared for me is being able to shoot the business owner a quick Facebook message or email and just say, “I’m working with a beautiful shopping center, are you looking to relocate or expand?” 

How has Resquared changed your prospecting process?


“Resquared solves the headache of trying to go door-to door in a market that you may not be in all the time - saving me time and money. Now, instead of canvassing all day I can get in front of local business operators that have several locations in a matter of minutes. It also saves so much time in finding contact information that would have been tough to find otherwise.”


You mentioned that Resquared has been a huge value for you. Can you speak to that more?


“Resquared was really easy to get on board because of the price point. It’s not one of those products where I come to my team and ask for $20,000 to buy a tool that may or may not get us leads. Certain programs cost more than the commissions so you have to factor that in. For Resquared it was a beautifully easy process because the price point makes so much sense. 


For example, let’s say you get one lease per quarter through Resquared. That virtually offsets the cost of the product! At the end of the day, the price is not significant enough that you’re hemorrhaging money, and having to think about whether we want to keep this tool or that tool. Resquared, due to the price point is one of those tools that you have readily available at any point to use.


The real question should be why would you not use it if you are in leasing.”


Hear directly from Daniel:


Tell us about some of the businesses you’ve been able to connect with.


“So far, we’ve been able to do deals with nail salons, barbershops, salons, tire shops, and autobody stores that we found through the Resquared platform. It varies for what market you’re looking at and what state you’re in as to which businesses you’ll be most successful with.


There are so many barbershops and salons that are extraordinarily successful in their one or two stores, and if you just reach out and tell them you have a second-generation space built out, even if you’re in a small city with only ten barbers, it’s likely one of them is going to want to take a look at it.


In the midwest, Resquared has been great for connecting with tire shops and autobody shops. I’ve cold-called tire shops in the past and it took me about two days to cold call about 50 of them, and now I am able to email 200 of them in two days through Resquared.


You would never be able to get to that person if you didn’t have Resquared in your portfolio. Resquared just makes it a much more simple process.


I’m a big fan. I’ve gotten 6 deals done in less than a year. One of those deals, a 5,000 square foot tenant, covered the expense of Resquared for the next year and a half.”


So glad to hear that! Is there anything else you would like to add?


“I think one of the things that’s really cool about Resquared is how simple the platform is. It doesn’t take a scientist to figure out how to use it, like some platforms out there. We have a wide range of ages at my company that are using the tool, from people in their 20s to people in their 50s. 


It’s no more of a learning curve than figuring out Facebook or any other social media platform. Overall it’s pretty straightforward, very forgiving, and easy to learn for all ages no matter how technologically savvy or not savvy you are. 


On top of that, the Resquared team is extremely easy to work with and we appreciate the frequent check-ins. You guys are always a bunch of fun and pleasant to be around!”


We loved speaking with Daniel to get his perspective on Resquared. What really stuck after our conversation was his emphasis on the value in comparison to the price of the platform - we’ll leave you with a final quote from him, “Resquared is a total niche market of itself. Nobody else is connecting you to mom and pops where you can get right to the owner. For that, the cost is almost irrelevant.”


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