How is prospecting like dating?

I believe that prospecting and dating are very similar.

There are steps to the process.

The first thing you need to do when you're dating, is get connected with the person. This might be in person or through a site like Tinder or 

Once you meet, you never open with "will you go out with me?" You need to ask a "qualifying" question. Most likely, confirming that they are, in fact, single.

Imagine you meet someone at the airport, coffee shop, church, or wherever. You are going to confirm they are single before moving on the next "stage". 


Apply this to online prospecting for retail tenants. If your first message asks them if they want a tour, you are doing it wrong. If you're sending a cold email, and attached a marketing flyer with pricing and square footage, your reply rates plummet.

That's like walking up to a stranger at Starbucks and telling them you're looking for a serious commitment. Don't you want to say hi first? Maybe make sure they are single?

Don't be this guy:




What's the best qualifying question for digital canvassing?

"Are you looking to expand or relocate?"

That is what you want to know FIRST.

Without getting clarity on this as efficiently as possible, you are just asking random strangers on dates in your first sentence.

Once you determine if some is "single", then you get to know them! 

In digital canvassing once you confirm YES they are expanding or relocated, then you learn. Ok what are they looking for? Ask questions. What is their timeline, etc. 

With that information you can now CRUSH your pitch, and explain why your center is a good fit.

Now you can take them on a date! Or, in other words, a site tour!

Be more like this guy: 




Takeaway - before asking if they want a site tour of a flyer. First find out if they are even considering expanding or relocation!


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