CASE STUDY: Closing a Deal in Record Time with Tricor Properties

“The velocity of people we’re able to touch with Resquared is exponential”

Stacey Cachat at Tricor Properties began using Resquared’s prospecting platform earlier this year and took her usage up a notch in October with our Prospecting Challenge. This friendly competition between Resquared users promoted increased usage of the platform’s features like email and Facebook messages and resulted in a super quick win for Tricor. Read the case study below to find out more about their win!



Stacey was tasked with the challenge of filling a second-generation restaurant space in Denver, NC. She knew that the center would benefit from a great local business as opposed to a national chain, and she knew she needed to fill it quickly. Filling this space was also made more challenging because the center already had several restaurants so she would need to find a specific type of cuisine that is not already in the center.

With the site located over an hour away, she knew she needed to move away from traditional canvassing methods to find the right tenant for the space.



Stacey had heard of the October Resquared Challenge from her client success manager and immediately knew this was the sign she needed to fill this space digitally as opposed to driving around out in the field for hours. So, she joined the Resquared prospecting challenge with the goal of finding an awesome local restaurant to fill the space in Denver.


Step one was to set up her search, excluding the restaurant categories that are already in the center: Greek, Asian, burgers, pizza, and breakfast.


She initially thought Italian would be a good fit, but after narrowing down her search, she settled on southern and creole food.


This search yielded around 500 possible businesses that are non-chain, have a Facebook page and a contact email. Stacey was able to craft a custom message using one of Resquared’s templates. Here is an example of the first email she sent:


"Hi- I'm working with a beautiful shopping center in Denver, NC. We have a space available for lease. Do you have any plans to relocate or expand? I was reading about Hot Plate Soul Eatery and thought you might be a good fit. Let me know and I can send you a flyer or set up a tour.


Ps.  Our space for lease is a fully built out restaurant space"


Out of the 500 businesses she contacted, she had many leads and ultimately had 5 potential tenants tour the space.


Interestingly, the business owner that ultimately signed on for the space opened Stacey’s initial outreach email 9 times, which she could see on Resquared’s platform. Knowing the business owner opened the email this many times keyed Stacey into knowing they were interested and so she sent a follow-up email which they then responded to.


The business owner loved the space and thought it was perfect for the second location of their southern-style restaurant, Hot Plate Soul Eatery.

Hot Plate Soul Eatery

From the date of the tour to the date of the signing on November 8th, just eighteen days went by, even exceeding Stacey’s hopes for a quick deal.


Because of Resquared, Stacey was able to reach a high volume of great local businesses which led her to Hot Plate Soul Eatery at the perfect time as they were looking to expand.

On using Resquared, Stacey remarked, “The velocity of people we’re able to touch with Resquared is exponential!”

Stacey and her team at Tricor look forward to continuing to use Resquared for prospecting and finding unique local businesses for their centers, helping them to connect with more people in their communities and create more opportunities for business owners.


If you’re curious if Resquared can help you fill your centers in record time like Stacey, reach out today for a custom demo with the Resquared team.

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