“The Stars Aligned”: How a Broker Used Resquared to Get a Shopping Center to 100% Occupancy

We spoke with Gloria Anselmo, a broker at Atlantic Retail in West Palm Beach, to hear how she used Resquared to lease the final space in a high-end shopping center to reach 100% occupancy. Using Resquared’s filters and campaigns to generate a solid group of leads, Gloria was able to quickly fill the space while opening the door for a boutique who wanted to expand in this desirable location. Read on to see how the deal was closed in less than 3 months.


What happened?

“Using Resquared’s platform, we were able to find a women’s boutique called Wish and Shoes who wanted to expand and open a new location. They ultimately signed the deal on April 4th and will join The Fresh Market Village with their fifth location.”


How did you decide what kind of business to fill the space with?

“The space had been vacant for a little while, and the shopping center is a very high-end, beautiful center. There are many women’s boutiques there already. I was looking for another complementary use, so my initiative was to go after a boutique that was a little bit different that would complement the shopping center.”


What search terms did you use to find potential leads?

“Clothing, excluding consignment, excluding children.”


Did you use any filters to narrow the search?

“Yes! I included that they must have email and Facebook Messenger available as part of their contact information.”

How many businesses did you contact before finding the one who signed?

“In this campaign, I contacted 149 businesses and generated 5 potential leads, one of which being Wish and Shoes who ultimately filled the space. Prior to this campaign, I tried a few others like surf, nails, day spa, dry bar, pilates, children's clothing, hair salons, and toys – and then decided to go after women’s boutiques.”


What happened after you connected with Wish and Shoes?

“When I connected with the owner, she said, “I think the stars aligned” because she was just recently thinking about exploring another location in this area. She wanted to expand and then out of nowhere, she got this personal email and she thought it was a sign from above. It was a perfect storm of wanting to expand in the area and getting my email, so I think that’s why she was so quick to call me back, schedule the site visit, and get things moving.”



What was the timing from the start of prospecting to getting the deal signed?

“I sent my initial email on January 22nd and she responded just 2 hours later. We ended up signing the deal on April 4th. It’s a really pretty space, perfect for a boutique with not a lot of build out, so it ended up being a really quick turnaround. The timing worked out really well for her, and she felt like it was better for her to move quickly for this deal because the space is exactly what she was looking for.”


Here is the original email Gloria sent:

"Hi - I'm leading a beautiful upscale shopping center in Jupiter on Indiantown. I have one remaining space (endcap space 1660 SF) with a beautiful buildout (wood floors, natural light, etc.) available and want to fill it with an apparel store. My tenants are Fresh Market, Starbucks, and many high end women boutiques.

Do you have any plans to relocate or expand? I thought about Wish and Shoes and believe you might be a good fit. Let me know and I can send you a flyer or set up a tour.

I look forward to your feedback.

Warmly, Gloria

And here is the tenant's response, sent the same morning:

"Hi Gloria, Yes I am looking. Please reach out to me."

What’s going on now that the deal is closed?

“Wish and Shoes will be moving in soon, and the shopping center is at 100% occupancy. I’m still engaged with the shopping center, so now just working on renewals and back fills.”


Gloria and her team at Atlantic Retail look forward to continuing using Resquared for prospecting and finding unique local businesses for their vacancies, helping them to connect with more people in their communities and create more opportunities for business owners.


You never know when the timing is just right for a business owner. You might just catch them on the perfect day, like Gloria did.


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