“You're out of your mind if you're not using this tool”: Demystifying the Resquared Platform


As the age old saying goes, time is money. And in the commercial real estate industry, we are no strangers to losing precious time and resources to the prospecting process. It has been our mission to find a solution for developers and realtors to make this process not only easier, but significantly less time intensive, and this answer comes with Resquared. If you’re not familiar with the platform, it was built to source non-chain retail/restaurant tenants in seconds with a seamless integration with email and Facebook messenger to simplify prospecting. We have been in awe of the feedback we’ve received from our clients, and we’re happy to feature some key soundbites from our Co-Founder Tyler Carlson’s conversations with clients Daniel Gardner from Weingarten and Fred Reynolds from Phillips Edison & Company.


Q: Tell me a little bit about the prospecting process pre-Resquared and some of the pain points your teams faced.

Daniel Gardner, Leasing Associate, Weingarten Realty

“Prospecting pre-Resquared was SWEATY to say the least! I would spend a lot of time in the car driving around going door to door. And while it can be good to get out there in the field, a significant amount of time was being wasted.”

Fred Reynolds, Director of Redevelopment, Phillips Edison & Company

“So while traditional canvassing still works, it is a time consuming and flawed process. You can spend a great deal of time on Yelp and other platforms creating lists of businesses that you want to contact and then you can spend hours in the car driving to the various businesses and still not be sure that you’ll be able to connect with the right person when you get there.”

Q: So, what are the most significant benefits you have seen from using the Resquared platform?

Daniel Gardner, Leasing Associate, Weingarten Realty

"Resquared has helped get us the exact tenants we’re looking for with minimal time investment."

Fred Reynolds, Director of Redevelopment, Phillips Edison & Company

“The first thing that comes to mind is the ease of using the platform. Finding the businesses you need couldn’t be easier, as you can target as wide or narrow of a geographical range as you need plus you can filter by the types of retailers you’re looking for."

Screen Shot 2021-06-11 at 3.42.11 PM

"Once you have a custom list of retailers ready, you can create an email and send out as many as 25 emails in 5 minutes. It’s really as easy as that.”

Q: Can you tell me about your experience onboarding Resquared?

Daniel Gardner, Leasing Associate, Weingarten Realty

“Onboarding couldn’t have been easier! The software is extremely intuitive and within 10-15 minutes I had the platform down. If anything has ever come up where my team has had a question, the Resquared team has been extremely responsive. It’s great to know there is always someone around to help.” 

Q: How many businesses can you reach out to on Resquared versus off?

Daniel Gardner, Leasing Associate, Weingarten Realty

“Prior to Resquared, we were reaching 40 businesses tops per week. Now, the number of businesses I can hit each week is unlimited. I am probably puling an average of 700 a week – and that can be in a really short time span 30 mins or less.”

Q: What would you say to someone who is skeptical about the data on Resquared?

Daniel Gardner, Leasing Associate, Weingarten Realty

“Data on Resquared comes from reliable sources like Google and Yelp, so my team knows that we’re always connecting directly with the person we’re looking for. And to anyone who is skeptical I would say give the platform a try. You’re going to get the person you’re looking for and not the gatekeeper.”

Fred Reynolds, Director of Redevelopment, Phillips Edison & Company



“I believe in my heart that Resquared is a grand slam of a product and would be a huge asset to anyone in the industry. And to be frank, you’re out of your mind if you’re not using this tool."


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