3 Reasons that Prospecting in Resquared Keeps you Organized


#1 - Resquared is much more than just a data service. With a traditional data company, you’ll export whatever contact info you need, then reach out and track everything on your own. By exporting the contact info in Resquared, you are missing out on 80% of the value! 


It's like buying a Ferrari and then sucking out the gasoline to put in a crappy scooter. 


We provide best in class data on local and regional tenants, but that is only a fraction of the value. You can gather all the data in the world, but then what do you do with it? We make it easy to efficiently put the data to action! In Resquared you can quickly reach out via email and direct links to social, and we track your work along the way so that you don’t have to.

#2 - Using exported contact info gets messy fast. Speaking from experience, when you start to export and upload lists, you will have tons of business information without any context. Soon enough, you’re back to where you were before Resquared-- inefficiently reaching out to prospects with no organization. 


In Resquared, we highly recommend only exporting leads that said YES to getting more information into your CRM. Otherwise, your CRM will be bloated with unqualified leads, which defeats the purpose of contact management to begin with. 


You will not know:

  • Who you contacted
  • If you or someone else contacted them
  • Whether or not you have messaged them on Facebook or any other social platform

#3 - You cannot produce any reporting. You will have to resort to thrown-together excel reports that will take you hours a week to compile, instead of just clicking one button in Resquared. By reaching out to customers via the Resquared platform, all of your outreach will be automatically tracked. This tracking is updated immediately and available to you any time within your activity reports. This information can also be exported to be shared with clients or internally.

*BONUS* - If you send email blasts outside of Resquared with giant lists, you are going to ruin your email domain reputation and make it even MORE LIKELY to end up in a business’ spam folder. We manage the daily email send numbers in Resquared to protect the reputation of your email address (you can learn more about email domain reputation here).


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